Orono Pool Closing

Closing your pool properly in Orono not only protects your investment but also helps create a much smoother process when it is time to open it up again the following season. Cooler temperatures often mean an increased number of outdoor chores for many homeowners. Why not give yourself a break and leave the task of closing your pool to Brent Adams Pool & Spa Service, Inc. pool pros available to handle the job from start to finish?

Our standard pool closing services include:

  • Lowering the water level
  • Filtration equipment disassembly
  • Solar cover removal
  • Accessory removal and preparation for storage
  • Pool closing
  • Chemical balancing
  • Pool cover installation

Getting Your Pool Ready for Closing

Brent Adams Pool & Spa Service, Inc. recommends that pools be clean and free of debris prior to standard closing procedures. For extra help with  preparation and cleaning your pool properly our Orono experts are available to remove leaves, provide salt cell cleaning and vacuum the bottom and sides of your pool in addition to other services customized to suit your needs. We offer a range of options to complement standard closing services including inspecting your pool for any leaks or damage prior to closing. Available to answer any questions you may have about closing your pool for the season, our friendly and experienced staff recommends taking care of any pool repairs before closing to avoid extra expense and headaches down the road.

Brent Adams Pool & Spa Service, Inc. Pool Closing Process

Once an appointment is scheduled, our qualified pool crew will arrive at your Orono residence and begin pool closing procedures promptly by lowering the water level to at least several inches below the skimmer and water jets and disposing of all waste water in an ecological manner. Accessories including ladder and baskets are fully dismantled and prepared for off-season storage.  Piping is disconnected and thoroughly dried by blowing air out through the pump to evacuate any remaining water. Ask Brent Adams Pool & Spa Service, Inc. staff about optional cleaning services for cleaning your pool and equipment when you call to schedule an appointment.

Protecting Your Pool While it is Closed 

Depending on your particular filtration system, our trained technicians set and adjust controls to protect equipment while not in use. Sand filter settings are adjusted accordingly and pressure gauges are removed—the proper components are removed from pools that use cartridge filters. Water lines are purged and skimmers sealed to prevent water infiltration, and if required, antifreeze is applied to prevent damage caused by freezing and fluctuating temperatures. Water jets are also sealed to prevent water from entering the pipes and disassembled parts are prepared for storage. As the final step, Brent Adams Pool & Spa Service, Inc. pros tailor the final application of chemicals to limit the growth of algae and facilitate a smooth pool opening next season. 

Pool Cover Installation and Heater Closure

Brent Adams Pool & Spa Service, Inc. technicians securely install any type of pool cover and also oversee the safe closure of either your gas, electric, thermal or solar water heater.

Our pool professionals are dedicated to providing the highest standard of customer service to pool owners across the Orono region. Contact us to book an appointment and for further information.